Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment


Since 1960’s, Mr Robert Ong, the founder of G H Stainless Steel (M) Sdn. Bhd., started of as an experienced and professional manufacturer of metal especially in stainless steel. We provide a wide range of stainless steel kitchen equipment to restaurants, hotels, food courts, coffee shops, airport, military camps, school canteens, supermarkets, fish markets, food factories and government institutions, irrespective of project size.

Besides, we also supply household products such as stainless steel gate & fence, door grille & window grille, staircase railing, awning, kitchen and bathroom products, to both project developers and individuals.

To date, we are recognized as one of the leading manufacturer of quality products with superior craftsmanship in the Stainless Steel industry. We consistently invest in Research and Development in order to produce new products and improve our existing products. Our R&D team focuses on product durability, energy-saving (i.e. reduction in gas and electricity consumption and increase in operating efficiency) and environmentally friendliness (less pollution).

Our kitchen products are usually developed and tailor made to the customers’ distinct requirements and concept, taking into consideration of the workflow, workplace constraint and allowance for future expansion etc. We produce practical, easy to operate and high standard equipment at reasonable price, not only to fulfill every chef’s individual needs, but exceed their expectations. When providing kitchen design and planning, we always listen to the customers and give appropriate consultation to realize their concepts.

Although there are many challenges and tough competition, we still persist that our products to be primarily made from Stainless Steel (Grade 304), which is a high quality material comply with international standards.

Meanwhile, you can also be assured of good after-sales service and one stop service.